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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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homes earlier this afternoon. >> reporter: we can tell you the fire is about 70% contained that is the latest word from fire officials in vallejo. behind us you can see hopefuls -- how close the flames came to the home. you are looking at homes in the glen cove neighborhood right on barrington drive we want to show your video from earlier today we had cameras from skyfox and here on the ground fire started just before 1:00 it was a car that drove across the cartoon is -- carquinez bridge made it to the toll plaza and pulled over on eastbound 80 somehow the car caught fire and the flames spread of the hillside to this neighborhood in the glen cove area of the vallejo people tell us many of them brought water hoses to try to spray down the lawns and backyards just to save their homes fire officials
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are telling us four homes were impacted and 20 or 30 homes were threatened. >> this is an area that is problematic every year. we sent an additional engine off the get-go and then as the units responded and we saw the smoke intensifying we bumped it up to the second alarm quickly and third alarm when we arrived on scene. in solano county we have gone to four and called in assistance from strike teams. >> when i spoke to my brother he was very very worried i thought the whole house was already on fire. i rushed down he couldn't talk on the phone by the time i got here he was in the backyard. is whole yard is full of ashes. he was using a hose so it is
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dangerous. i am pretty much shocked. >> that is kind of crazy. i hope everybody all of my neighbors are doing okay. it is kind of scary. >> this was a massive effort to put out the blaze we understand how fire came out to help as well as fairfield, vacaville, among others all of them bringing their crews dozers and hand crews to attack this from the ground and the air. this was an intense battle on the hottest day of the year so far this summer. back out here live there is still smoke smoldering from the hillside one of the hot spots firefighters are watching. they plan to be out here for several hours making sure any flareups are taken care of immediately. we understand firefighters are asking the public to stay away from this neighborhood if you don't have any reason to be here do not come to look and
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see what the action is about even though it is 70% contained they are still clearing some brush they want everyone away from the area. there were mandatory evacuations we understand people are slowly being let into their homes thankfully everyone here is okay. only two firefighters had minor injuries climbing the rough terrain on this hillside. >> i can't get over the pictures the flames coming just a couple of feet from the back of those homes were any of the homes burned?>> we understand maybe two were burned at least the backside so there were four impacted that have not given details on what they mean by impacted we understand the fence lines were burned and they may have touched the back of the house thankfully the homes did not burn down. >> it is scary when you are seeing the flames coming that cost. thank you for the report. health officials are trying
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to determine if there was a third related -- heat related deaths in the south bay two happened on monday an 87-year- old woman and a 72-year-old man. the woman was gardening when she was overcome by the hot sun. the other victim a homeless man whose body was found in his car. homeless advocates are going to encampments handing out bottles of water encouraging people to seek protective shelter if possible. >> many people have air- conditioners on full blast as we endure one of the hottest days of the year. that is not an option for people who work outside though. state law requires employers to provide a shady area for outdoor workers when temperatures exceed 80 degrees. making sure there is enough fresh water as well. employers are supposed to have an emergency plan in case someone is overcome by heat all workers are supposed to be trained on preventing heat
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related illnesses. mark tamayo is outside with the areas of concern that hit triple digits. >> another round of triple digits we have this extended period of hot temperatures but today you notice along the immediate coastline this is what is developing the onshore breeze with fog trying to regroup the coast and the bay never really warmed up today like he did sunday that was a big concern today but away from all of this another round of soaring temperatures topping 100 degrees. look at the highs from today. vacaville 109, pleasanton 108, brentwood 106 walnut creek 105 and cloverdale 103. you can see changes on the satellite some fog regrouping in the coastline with that we cooled off near the coastline around portions of the bay as well. checking on the current numbers we have triple digits in livermore walnut creek concord
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fairfield san jose 88, oakland 75 san francisco right around 70. here is the deal we have been talking about advisories and warnings the areas in yellow that is a heat advisory until 9:00 pm this evening and a heat warning for the areas shaded in red. there has been one item changed the heat advisory for the inland neighborhoods tomorrow all of the areas in yellow 95 to 100 degrees but that is an improvement compared to today getting on the roof coming back live looking at my temperature sensor showing 79 to 80 degrees the good news we have the onshore breeze eventually calling off the entire bay area. one more hot day inland and for the weekend you might like the forecast. more coming up in a few minutes. continuing heat wave coverage. tom vacar is live with more on
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the extreme heat. >> reporter: this is the usually busy farmers market after 5:00 it is very sparse today this is next to the wave the popular waterpark that is literally next-door. a lot of people sought relief from the heat but a lot of them did that at work or at home indoors.>> is not too crowded wave became an oasis as some people came to beat the last of the big heat. self-employed contractor brian spencer took the day off to bring his family. >> i thought it was going to be 110. i said we need to go to the pool. >> his son tried the available waterslides and all the other water features giving his dad a double thumbs up. >> this was a good idea.
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>> we met quite a few dads. >> this is my first time here. >> the late morning parking lot at the huge outlet mall was nowhere close to full not a lot of shoppers either. it is open air but the stores are air-conditioned but the heat cut the usual crowds. across the freeway a lot of spaces available at the mall but midday is a slow time. >> reporter: the current temperature is 101 at the farmers market. the hot weather has had some groups reaching out to those most vulnerable. we go live to san jose to maureen naylor. >> we have watched temperatures decrease from the 90s now about 88.
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i am in willow glen at one of 11 community centers that have been turned into a cooling center in san jose. sometimes people don't like to come to these places because they can't have their animals but today seven of the libraries will be opened to anyone who wants to bring their pets for today and tomorrow in hopes of getting the vulnerable to escape the heat. >> the first full day of summer was hot the sun reading down and heat rising from the hot pavement. even at 9:00 in the morning it was already a sweaty day for those working outside. >> it is hot. >> i have lived in san jose for 60 years i have never seen a heatwave like this. >> this man says he drank a lot of water before walking in the hot sun to a cool movie theater in willow glen. >> i took my sweet time i relaxed i wasn't in any hurry. i reminded myself take it easy. >> the health department is
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concerned about seniors and the homeless after the heatwave turned deadly two residents died monday after being exposed to the heat. an 87-year-old woman who had been gardening outside of her home and a 72-year-old homeless man found in his car. >> we are looking for however we can help sometimes it is a needle in a haystack. we are looking to see what they need is. >> because of the deaths the health department has launched medical teams for the valley health care program. they are also concerned about people living in their cars. >> we go to the major shopping center parking lots and try to look for people make sure they know not to stay in their cars. that is important. >> on the east side a local pastor handed out water to the homeless this man proves how
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thirsty you can get. >> we went out on sunday to serve a meal people were dropping left and right. again health officials say anyone who needs to escape the heat the community centers are open in san jose there were -- will be open until 9:00 tonight. we are starting to feel the breeze pickup which is a welcome sight live from san jose back to you. >> it is 101 in dublin what is the temperature in the south bay? >> it is about 88. the height was 95 that is what i saw at last check. a lot of people said 95 what is the big deal? several people tell us it felt humid and it was prolonged heat you saw the one gentleman we were concerned we saw him out walking we were happy to see he was headed to the movie theater
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because it is a link of time that is the concern. >> are a lot of people using the cooling centers?>> not too many they said about 30 people had taken advantage of them here we have not seen too many people there were dozens of seniors here they typically come for classes there were kids for camps we have seen a lot of people at the community centers not so many specifically coming for the cooling centers. >> thank you. >> don't forget you can download our free weather app for the latest on the conditions are weather team is posting updates on facebook twitter and instagram. the big reveal senate republicans, with their version of health care reform at 5:30 a live report from the nation's capital. all hands on deck for the police department canceling days off. >> police in san francisco
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preparing for the pride celebration this weekend. a live report on the precautions law enforcement officers are taking to keep people safe.
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police say that a shooting overnight appears to be as -- a case of self-defense officers were called to birch street they found two men in their 30s suffering from gunshot wounds both dead at the scene a resident opened fire during a home invasion robbery. they say one of the suspects did have a weapon authorities have identified the men who were killed until relatives are notified. san francisco pride weekend a celebration of diversity starting with the installation
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of the pink triangle saturday ending with the big parade it is not all about the party more than a dozen community leaders and organizations will be honored for their work in the lgbtq community. the parade will include a large collection of political resistance groups. police are stepping up security. paul chambers is live with so many people in the city how our law enforcement preparing? >> reporter: they are canceling days off so we will have more officers on the street that will try different tactics to keep the large crowds safe. >> that time of year many in the lgbtq community look forward to san francisco pride welcoming people to a celebration of diversity but with that comes crowds and dangers to the community. >> with the events that have happened we are definitely keen on staying on top of the
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information being put out. >> sf pd has canceled all days off so all lawful --'s available officers are ready. >> we will have different units on foot in vehicles in uniform out of uniform. >> with the current political climate they expect record- breaking crowds with more than 1 million people coming to san francisco police say organizers are not taking chances. >> we will do screening again like last year we will do back checks items not allotted to the site. >> we will be utilizing all sorts of resources whether it is cameras or people starting from different vantage points in the city. >> police are aware across the globe people have taken vehicles and driven them into crowds police are going to do things differently this time when they
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block off the street they say they will have vehicles and more officers present in the area and hopes to stop and prevent people from taking a car across the street. >> it is sad we have to think about that nowadays. paul chambers in san francisco thank you. let's talk about the weather for the big parade. >> we're going to bring cooler marine air a lot cooler across the bay area so good news we are happy with that. the hot temperatures in this long period of extended temperatures friday saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday and today in mind we will cool off just in time for the weekend. right now the ac making a comeback near the media coastline so we have a good onshore breeze transporting the fog to the bay portions of the bay overnight clouds already working closer to the golden gate bridge evened around the
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immediate bay as we work inland triple digits so look at this map. pick your temperature, 60 3/2 moon bay. 75 oakland, 88 san jose. 103 in walnut creek that is a spread expanding across the bay area. live camera looking at the bay a bit of haze. we have the "spare the air" alert because the pollutants near the surface. friday we expect mostly clear skies 65 degrees san jose and into the afternoon more sunshine 82 on track for 90 but it will be cooler in most areas tomorrow compared to today. this area of high pressure will weaken and we can see the satellite the fog hugging the coastline from monterey bay to the south. cooler on friday 60s all the way to 100 degrees cooler but
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the hottest locations are around 100 still we are headed in the right direction the cooldown will continue into saturday and sunday with primarily 90s inland saturday and more cooling for the second half of the weekend. here is the forecast model friday morning 6:00 low clouds hugging the shore line some patches back into the bay. when you wake up you might like to see the fog bank as we have the cooling trend arriving. bright colors in the upper 90s around 100 inland but tomorrow we shave off a few degrees. vacaville 100. santa rosa 91, san rafael mid-80s, richmond 78, more neighborhoods around the rim of the bay upper 70s and the ladies. inland upper 90s around 100. once again the heat advisory in place for the inland east bay tomorrow downgrading from the
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heat warning. san jose 90, gilroy 96, san francisco 71. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast temperatures cool off this evening it will be cooler on friday but still 100 degrees. it will be about 3 to 6 degrees cooler tomorrow and then you will feel the refreshing air into the weekend. >> it is amazing how different it can be from the coast to the inland. >> also it is amazing how rapidly it warmed up. livermore 99 degrees. that is all by 12:00. in hayward interstate 80 has reopened after a serious crash shut down two of the lanes a gravel truck and a nissan were involved in the crash it happened in the northbound lanes near the dixon landing on rent the bus blew a tire and slid across the highway hitting
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a gravel truck pinning the nissan against the wall. no one was seriously hurt all lanes reopened this afternoon. the oakland raiders are making history even in the off- season. >> coming up the record- breaking deal derek carr just signed sports are coming up after the break.
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big rigs hauling fast cars to the sonoma raceway took over the state capital the 18
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wheelers made their way through the state capital for the seventh annual nascar hauler parade the trucks are caring the cars of nascar drivers including dale earnhardt junior, jimmy johnson and kyle larson from elk grove. practice sessions happened in sonoma at the raceway. qualifying is on saturday and the race is set for noon on sunday. it is great news for raider nation quarterback derek carr signed a huge deal with the team. >> jason appelbaum here how much is it worth? how much of it is guaranteed? >> five years $125 million. derek carr is the highest-paid player in nfl history. more than tom brady more than eryn rogers. andrew luck he beats him by a little bit. luck making $24.6 million annually for the colts now it is derek carr great news for
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the raiders everything to me feels a little bittersweet because you always think they will leave and really this is about vegas they need a face of the franchise when they move he is great. a little after 7:00 he made it official with this tweet now it is done one step closer to being a raider for life. business is done. let's just play they needed a face and they got one. a great player and a good community guy. he has improved each of his first three seasons. the only quarterback in history to throw for more than 80 touchdowns and fewer than 40 interceptions in his first three seasons. he is squeaky clean a community guy never a hint of any issues with derek carr. he was going to make $977,000. this year. he got a raise from 977 up to
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$25 million. so much money his older brother never quite panned out as a former overall number one pick this is what he said. five years $125 million you have gotten lunch. >> how much guaranteed? >> $70 million. that is the main thing if he gets hurt but with the five- year deal he is only 26 he should play out the contract. he will get all of the money. even if he gets hurt $70 million guaranteed. >> such a nice guy so positive when he speaks we have seen him do things like pulling over to help somebody in trouble when they were out of gas. >> when you interview him or you are at practice he looks you in the eye and he wants to answer your questions. he seems like a standup guy. some guys you root for he is
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one of those guys. >> look what the raiders did last year one of the best records in the nfl and the only reason they didn't make it was because he got hurt. >> they brought in the backup and it did not help they have another guy on the defensive side of the ball will probably will be the highs played defensive player at some point in his career. is considered well, he won defensive player of the year. >> the raiders are on the move. north korea may be preparing for another nuclear test what we are learning and inflammatory rhetoric about us leadership. the senate releases its first version of the health care bill word is it is already in trouble. details when we come back.
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tensions between the us and north korea are growing today a north korean newspaper published a commentary calling president trump a psychopath who would launch a preemptive strike on north korea. american spy satellites have detected renewed activity at the north korea main weapons site indicating the regime could be preparing for another test. summit members of congress are calling for new sanctions against the north. >> we do know that they move
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forward with every spare dollar that they can get. >> the trop administration says it is making progress in its efforts to get china's to rein in the north but that is a contradiction of what the president said last night saying that china's intervention does not seem to be working. >> after huddling behind closed door meetings republican leaders reveal a draft of the new health care bill today. already there is stiff opposition from democrats and a few republicans. joel waldman is live in washington with reaction from lawmakers. >> reporter: is getting ugly really quickly the senate republican version of health care reform is just hours old already it is in a lot of jeopardy.>> my hope is not to defeat the bill but make it better. >> republican opposition stacking up some members saying
5:33 pm
the proposal does not go far enough to lower healthcare. slashing taxes on higher income eliminating the mandates. >> no longer do you have to purchase insurance you don't need. >> democrats call it cruel and mean. >> it is mean to the millions who have lost healthcare it is mean to seniors who would find their premiums going up dramatically. >> president trump would welcome support from the democrats to fix obamacare allowing him to check off a major campaign promise pick >> but they will never support no matter how good it is. >> senate minority leader with this offer. >> bright now democrats and republicans let's sit down and come up with a bipartisan bill. we are willing to do it today now this minute. will you accept?>> if i thought that was sincere i would take it in a new york minute.>>
5:34 pm
democratic lawmakers are not the only ones upset. capitol hill police hauling off protesters some in wheelchairs furious over the draft which calls for drastically cutting medicaid. >> mitch mcconnell hopes to bring this to a vote next week with four no votes the bill may have flatlined live from washington joel waldman ktvu fox 2 news joining us now to talk about the latest developments is our political analyst. what are the biggest differences between the senate version and the house version?>> in the early reading actually the senate version gives a little bit more in terms of preferences and other things compared to the house version both are being criticized now this version as obama healthcare like that was rand paul's comment.
5:35 pm
at the end of the day. this will be very difficult to pass.>> the senate you have moderate republicans and some conservative republicans. today we had four senators coming out to say they won't support the bill. they need at least two of the senators to support the bill. >> two or three. it will have a problem with that although the language was very specific from paul and from cruz saying we think we can get yes that suggests there is a lot of behind the scenes negotiating going on. >> they were hoping to get the vote before july 4. do you think they will do that? >> mitch mcconnell will push for that. there is obviously a lot of negotiation that needs to go on between now and the break. they want to get it back to the house off their plate back to the house let it languish or
5:36 pm
whatever it is really clear mitch mcconnell is done. >> what is key to winning over the conservatives that are holding out? >> for the conservatives they feel like repeal means repeal it goes away and we start over. what we have seen in the bill is it is an obama healthcare with some changes and tweaks. it is not go far enough for conservatives. it gives too many goodies away. and it is not force people to really cut back. so they are not willing to go forward under the present construction. >> let's talk about if there are conversations recorded conversations with president trump talking to james comey. former fbi director. today president trump released a tweet saying with the recently reported electronic intercepts and illegal leaking
5:37 pm
of information i have no idea if there are tapes or recordings on my conversations with james comey but i did not make them and i do not have any such recordings. i still can't believe this has been going on for this long. it is a simple yes or no how could the president not know if he was recorded?>> it is almost an unbelievable comment. in the beginning he did it to send a message to james comey that you may have been recorded so tell the truth. what is curious is the amount of time that has gone by but he was mandated by tomorrow to reveal to the house committee if he had tips or not he was compelled to say yes or no and he said no. >> i think this is the last from trump i think the one
5:38 pm
thing he tried to intimate was that maybe i don't have the tapes but we don't know who else might have been listening. >> we will get much more coming up in the next hour. a bay area showdown coming up next the controversy surrounding a new pricing model and by others say it could put them out of business.
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san francisco bicycle rental companies are voicing concerns over a new low price option being offered by ford stealing business from mom-and- pop stores. >> the forego bikes target their customers and tourists when it promised to focus on commuters. tara moriarty is in san francisco with reaction from the mayor. >> reporter: shop rental owners were fuming today because go bike already rents for free these spaces all over the city they feel they were condoning the latest move but the mayor tells us he will not be letting them down. >> we give you the tickets and you pay. >> blazing saddles is one shop where tourists go to see the sights on wheels. >> the owner jeff sears says go
5:42 pm
bike has been treading on his turf. >> we feel we were blindsided. >> recently they revealed its go past $15 to ride unlimited three-hour trips within 24 hours it is supposed to dominate the commuter niche but the latest pricing model says otherwise. >> now that they are targeting visitor market we feel that is encroaching on our livelihood. >> we don't want the ford motor company and motivate to do to the mom-and-pop bike rentals what uber due to the taxi industry. >> this supervisor says everyone needs to stay in their lane. >> they should not cannibalize the tourist industry. they should not be locating their facilities down along jefferson street. >> months ago bike rental companies agree to motivate five sites for bike share paths
5:43 pm
now they regret it. the city provides the path to motivate for free. he pays $25,000 a month in rent. >> this is not fair. >> what do you say to those owners who think you are trying to steal their business?>> bike share is about short-term trips most for the locals we know that some visitors like to connect to visitors neighborhoods we are not in the business of servicing all day trips. >> meanwhile the mayor says towards them is the largest industry in san francisco and small businesses who serve the visitors are essential to the economy and city. will not allow a company to come to the city and threaten the livelihood of the small businesses. this controversy comes as motivate is getting ready to increase its fleet from 700 to 7000 bikes the gesture of good faith the company says they
5:44 pm
have removed references to bikes riding to the golden gate bridge from its website. also discussions between motivate the city and local bike shop rental owners will continue behind closed doors. live from san francisco tara moriarty back to you. the south bay school district trying to improve how they deal with sexual harassment issues. >> the policies that are going to be enacted. heat warning in place for portions of the bay area but some cooling around the corner what that means for your friday forecast and bigger changes by the weekend. should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach.
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in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. an update from michigan where a man suspected of stabbing a police lieutenant tried to purchase a gun days before the attack. the 49-year-old amor ftouhi was arrested for stabbing jeff neville in the neck at the airport in flint the attack is being investigated as an act of terrorism. the man try to buy the gun in a flint area but could not get one because he's not a us citizen. he has dual citizenship in tunisia and canada. officials believe he acted on his own and is not part of a terror network. details in a story we have been following about sexual assaults at palo alto high school the school board took steps to reform policies designed to protect students.
5:48 pm
jesse gary has the details on how the board is trying to create change.>> temperatures soaring outside school board members sweated the details delving into the uncomfortable task of scrutinizing portions of existing policy. the scrutiny focused on complaint procedures and sexual harassment guidelines. >> we want to make sure the policy is lined with the sexual harassment policy the title ix reporting's. this is a matter of lining up with state and federal laws. >> the review comes after criticism following a series of investigates reports we detailed how a high school student athlete was convicted in juvenile court of having oral sex with a minor in a school bathroom in october. but the district did not initiate the investigation as required. this attorney is a log education expert pick >> a company with the large
5:49 pm
buzz it -- budget makes these mistakes all the time. >> the mother of the victim spoke exclusively with us a few weeks ago. >> we all work together as parents we put our kids in the same school to get the same education. my daughter had to leave because of the high school. >> since our report 19 additional allegations of sexual assault have been made including the revelation of a sex assault against a 16-year- old girl in november 2015. her father says there was no investigation in his case and the district has a habit of concealing the cases. >> let's see if we can keep it within the school. >> the board is tweaking the complaint procedures adding language about the title ix compliance officer as a point person to enter compliance with federal law a timeline for the completion and starting
5:50 pm
evidence collection is spelled out and the complaint and has the opportunity to honor -- appeal the decision. >> we expect better. and hopefully they will get their act together. >> this is a step toward doing what they should've been doing all along. >> this is something everyone needs to know. not just the title ix compliance officers. this really puts reporting requirements. it is not about do you want to fill out the form if the situation calls for it the parent does not have to fill it out we just do it. we write it up ourselves. >> is that a change from before? >> a change in practice. >> the revisions are being sent to the office of civil rights for review when the approval is given the board will vote to adopt the changes. that the vote has to happen
5:51 pm
before august 1 because august 1 all administrators are scheduled to begin title ix trading. from palo alto jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. severe weather in the southeast bringing pounding rain and powerful wind to the gulf region leading to flash flooding and evacuations. tropical storm cindy made landfall near the border early this morning before being downgraded to a tropical depression. the storm is blamed for at least one death in alabama sheriffs deputies say that a boy was killed yesterday when a huge waves propelled a log onto short it then hit and killed the child. back over to mark tamayo in the weather center. more on the heat in the east bay around the bay area and when we could get some relief. >> the relief comes tomorrow but then you feel into this weekend another round of triple digits in the bay area temperatures are soaring above 100 typically we are talking 100
5:52 pm
101 or 102 but 106 up to 107 toward livermore and antioch. san jose 96 san francisco 72 and the coast in the 70s but the fog working to the shoreline today. you can see more temperatures well above 100 degrees toward vacaville and pleasanton near 100 by lunchtime. temperatures continue to soar to the afternoon in gilroy 101. here's our camera looking at san francisco the one thing jumping out here you will like this picture the fog working back into the bay we have dense fog showing up coast site also around the golden gate bridge. here is the satellite perspective with the fog we have more of the onshore breeze with that we have to battle the temperatures today the hot numbers inland and the fog with onshore breeze keeping temperatures near the shoreline comfortable. right now santa rosa at 83.
5:53 pm
livermore 101. concord 102 san jose warm in the upper 80s. 88 maxing out in the mid-90s. this high pressure has been in charge of the weather all week long the cooling kicks in tomorrow 60s for the inland spots overnight 100 degrees for the inland spots pronounced cooling into the weekend saturday and sunday. more like saturday the warmest location approaching the mid-90s with more relief by sunday. if you are tired of the heat we are headed in the right direction tomorrow but you will feel the changes by the weekend. here's the forecast model showing the fog locally dense hugging the coastline sneaking through the golden gate bridge tomorrow morning this is 6:00 am clouds clear to the shoreline temperatures with all the colors reflecting the spread, mid-60s coast side the warmest locations inland to the upper 90s around 100 degrees for
5:54 pm
friday afternoon. looking at the numbers we are scaling back on temperatures near 100 but a few out toward clearlake toward vacaville you'll notice the delta breeze toward fairfield and concord. still livermore 100 oakland 78. hayward 82, san jose 90 sunnyvale in the upper 80s. 88 at the coast mainly in the 60s downtown san francisco 70 degrees with clouds in the morning gradually clearing to the other shoreline. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. we can take a nice breather into the weekend. temperatures cool into saturday and sunday by monday 70s and 80s. it is one of those interesting it never gets old 6090 or 105 that is what we have today. police say they were killed in cold blood in their modesto home. tonight what we are learning about the murders of three people including two
5:55 pm
young children.
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5:57 pm
family members in modesto in shock following the death of a woman her son and nine-year- old stepson they were killed in their home over the weekend. we spoke with relatives today and have the latest. >> the house on bay meadows drive where tiffany espinoza and her young children once
5:58 pm
played once called home is now quiet. deafening silence for neighbors and loved ones. >> it is very hard to process. we are very shaken up it is not something you ever expect to encounter. >> this is unreal. i had no clue he was that way. >> matthew page is tiffany's brother-in-law they always seemed happy. >> tiffany communicated her husband loved her. there was never any conversation indicating otherwise. >> wednesday evening modesto police announced they arrested oscar for the murders of his wife tiffany their son edward and tiffany's nine-year-old son spencer. >> every marriage is up and down he was not working. >> oscar killed his wife and the children and then try to kill himself. late friday night or early saturday morning they have not released a motive knowing why
5:59 pm
won't bring his nephews and sister-in-law back. >> regardless of what happened no situation makes it okay. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> heat and fire triple digit temperatures keeping firefighters busy on one of the hottest days of the year. two days into summer we are feeling it. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener the heat made for a difficult firefight in vallejo a brush fire burning to the edges of homes starting around 12:45 in glenn close -- cove near interstate 80. live team coverage tonight mark tamayo with more on the conditions but first the developing news in vallejo where firefighters are watching out for hotspots. >> reporter: that is right they are keeping and i on any hotspots on the hillside.
6:00 pm
behind us you can see how close it burned to the fence line of the homes. we understand some flames may have touched the backs of two homes thankfully they did not burn down and you can see firefighters up there doing work making sure the fire is out. we understand the fire is fully contained it burned about 39 acres starting before 1:00 this afternoon when a car driving across the carquinez bridge made it past the toll plaza and pulled over to the side of eastbound interstate 80. the car caught fire and the flames cut the hillside on fire. they spread up the hillside threatening roughly 20 to 30 homes in the glen cove neighborhood as we said four homes minimally impacted the flames reached the fence line or the back of the home thankfully none were burned fire officials tell us they called


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